Stupid & Dumb EP

by Alphabet Pie

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This EP is the culmination of several months-worth of undesired obsessive effort. It is a derivative work of sonic bad taste. The reason this collection is offered for free is to release me from the guilt of being paid for something so unequivocally junk, so please, don't pay anything for this EP if you can help it.

"This is amazing." -A friend

"It's not exactly pleasant to listen to." -The same friend

"The whole thing isn't very original or respectable." -I need more friends


released March 20, 2017

Cover art concept by a friend. Cover art created by Alphabet Pie, who cut a finger on a piece of glass in the process. Respect. Photo credits to whomever.

None of these songs contain any original elements. All sounds are made by Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Fall Out Boy, Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg, My Chemical Romance, The Toothbrush Family, Lemon Demon, The Hershey's Company, JDP/Drake, whoever that bad singer was, Gotyé, Miley Cyrus, Johann Pachelbel, Pitbull, Homer Simpson, P!nk, Carly Rae Jepsen, Céline Dion, the Village People, Outkast (vocal reproduction), Twenty One Pilots, Michael Jackson, Drowning Pool, Hampton the Hamster, and Greg Street, respectively.

Dedicated to Bill de Blasio.



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